What's New

Everything!!!! We are so very proud to welcome back to Mustang Country a few of our Alumni!  Now, these proud Mustangs will help guide our new stock of thorough-breeds into the Strong, Proud Mustangs of Delta Junior High School.

We, welcome back in leadership; our Principal and Alum, Mrs. Georgia White.  With her comes fellow Delta Alums, Assistant Principal Deborah Reese, Instructional Facilitator Tammie Moore, In-School Suspension Coordinator Warren Anderson, and Physical Education Coach Anthony Devall.

!!!!Welcome Back to Mustang Country Alums!!!!

Once a Mustang; Always a Mustang!

The very capable and dedicated faculty and staff of Delta would also like to welcome to the country a new stock of trainers (teachers):  Ms. Jessica Foster (3rd), Ms. Janet McClain (8th ELA), Mr. Paul Danna (7th/8th Social Studies),and Mrs. Stormee Kester (7th Grade ELA).  We also would like to welcome to the front office Mrs. Felicia Breshell (Secretary) and Ms. Angie Morris (Bookkeeper).