History of Delta Jr. High School

In 1952, Union High School opened the doors to its first students under the administration Mr. Lynwwod Rayford. There were only four teachers and ninety-nine ninth graders. Four years later, the first graduates received their diplomas from Mrs. Glendora Goree, acting principal. Mr. Loyce A. Nute was the last administrator of the Union High Dragons. It marked the end of an era.

Many changes have taken place since that time. Wings were added to the building so that it eventually housed over eight hundred students. With integration came a new name and mascot. In 1969, the name was changed to Delta High School, and the Mustangs began their stampede. Mr. T. Y. Harp was the administrator with assistants at the North and South campuses.

Initially the grade configuration was from, the 9th through 12th grades. Seven years later the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders became part of the school. The first 7th graders to attend Delta High School graduated in 1993. The first 6th graders to attend Delta cam in January 1997.

Under the present administrator, Mr. Calvin Dismuke, the school attained a new gymnasium in 1993. The new facility, Delta-Union Gymnasium, is named in the memory of a special person at Delta and Union, Coach Roosevelt Johnson.

Major construction was started in 193 to renovate and construct new facilities. State-of-the-art science and business labs were initiated. An updated library has been added, and the cafeteria was modernized. The halls, which had been open to the outside since the first tone was laid, were finally enclosed.

In 2006, Collinston Elementary School and Bonita Elementary School merged with Delta to become Delta Junior High School.

Baseball "Hall of Fame" Lou Brock got his start as a Unionite ('57). He is instrumental, even now, in helping to sustain the values that are so important to success. Some other graduates who have been outstanding in their accomplishments are Dr. Lavell Ford, MD, Dr. Evelyn Ford, Phd, Dr. Monica Davenport, and Dr. Curtis Sander, just to mention a few.